The Coming of Org Saint Lucian Premiere


(June 1st, 2012, New York , NY) This week in Saint Lucia, Executive Producer and Director Davina Lee unveiled her thirty-five minute movie, The Coming of Org, at a private screening at the Alliance Francaise.  The filmmaker recently returned to the island after attending the Cannes Film Festival in France where the movie was accepted into the Short Film Corner.

The launch, hosted by the Casting Director of the movie, Katherine Atkinson, was an extremely important landmark for the creative industries on the island. In his address, Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Industries Titus Preville, said that the launch was the first time that he would be making a policy statement about the growing industry. He spoke of the development of a Department of Creative Industries and the government’s pledge to give full support to the sector.

The Director General of Alliance Francaise, Claud Gonin spoke of the institution’s continued support of the arts on the island. In a later statement, Gonin explained why he chose to support The Coming of Org’s launch. ‘We are committed to promoting art, cultural diversity and exposing Saint Lucian culture not only locally but internationally as well. We want to be instrumental in promoting Davina’s first film and her talent as a young Director. At the event, the audience responded very well to the film; it was a little piece of the Cannes ambiance reproduced here,’ he said.

While introducing the movie, writer of the original short story, John Robert Lee, spoke of his satisfaction with the way that the film had captured the integrity of the his work. After the screening, which was extremely well received by the audience, the Director thanked all who had made the production of the movie possible. The audience at the launch included not only the cast and crew but also the French Ambassador Mr. Michel Prom, the Brazilian Ambassador Joaquim Augusto Whitaker Salles, legendary music composer Charles Cadet who’s music is featured in the film, Former Prime Minister/Leader of the opposition Hon. Stephenson King and Executive Director of Cultural Development Foundation Kennedy ‘Boots’ Samuel.

After the launch, Davina spoke of her successful trip to the Cannes Film Festival. ‘Being at the Marche du Film (Film Market) in Cannes was such a rewarding experience. It was fantastic to represent Saint Lucia at the festival in the Short Film Corner. While there, my producer Esther Lee Leach and I met with funding agencies, film institutes, distributors and producers from all parts of the world. We met one on one with representatives from the British Film Institute and a film development consultant from Austria (to discuss our new feature film that we are now working on). We also had discussions with Tony Coco-Viloin, the film commissioner of Guadeloupe.’ Lee explained.

Producer on the project, Esther Lee Leach also spoke of the excellent networking opportunities that the festival and film market provided ‘The best part of us attending the festival is the many projects that have developed out of it. We are currently in talks with a few producers and funding agencies from several countries including Guadeloupe and the UK. Our next step will be fortifying business links with international distributors, Lee Leach explained. With that as their goal, Davina will be going back to Europe in the next few weeks to meet with film industry representatives.


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