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Saint Lucia Carnival Comes to Point Seraphine

SAINT LUCIA (June 1, 2012) – The sights, sounds, splendor, color and spectacle that is Saint Lucia Carnival will be on display come June 3rd as the island’s premiere cultural showpiece officially opens.

The duty free berthing facility, Pointe Seraphine, nestled in the heart of the capital Castries, will provide the backdrop for the much anticipated opening of the 2012 carnival season, which is expected to draw hundreds  of spectators and scores of revelers.

A host of soca heavyweights like Power Soca and Road-March Monarch Ricky T, combined with calypso giants:reigning Monarch Minelle and four-time Monarch D-Indaver, will perform a medley of old and new selections for the 2012 season.

Some fifteen (15) senior and junior carnival bands like Rituals, Just 4 Fun, Cozy Guzzlers, Royalties X-Treme, St. Lucian Spirits, Red Unlimited, Dynamic Kids, Toxik Nation and XS Neo among others, will display their 2012 theme portrayals.    

Tourism, Heritage and Creative Industry Minister Lorne Theophilus says, “Much effort is being expended tensure the delivery of an exciting and high quality 2012 carnival product. The Select Committee of Stakeholders has been retained to oversee activities and the island’s lead marketing and promotions agency – the Saint Lucia Tourist Board – continues to vigorously promote the event overseas.”

To date over a dozen full-costume carnivals band have announced their theme portrayals and have formally launched, registering thousands of revelers for the upcoming street parade in on July 16th and 17th throughout the city circuit.

Several calypso tents are also expected to open their doors to patrons and calypso enthusiasts in coming days.

Among the main carnival events are:

June 3rd 2012

Official Launch of Carnival

Pointe Seraphine

June 27th 2012

Groovy Soca Preliminaries


June 29th 2012

Party Monarch Preliminaries


July 1st 2012

Calypso Semi Finals


July 7th 2012

National Carnival Queen Show

National Cultural Centre

July 8th 2012

Junior Carnival


July 10th 2012

Inter Commercial House

National Cultural Centre

July 12th 2012

King & Queen of the Bands and Groovy Soca Monarch


July 13th 2012



July 14th 2012

Party Monarch


July 15th 2012

Calypso Monarch


July 17th 2012

Carnival Parade


July 18th 2012

Carnival Parade



Sunday’s opening is priced at $20 adults and $10 for children 5 – 12 years. Children under 5 years old are free.Show time is 3pm.

For more information about the island of Saint Lucia call 1-800 456-3984, or 1-800 4STLUCIA or visitwww.saintlucianow.com





Eugene St. Romaine/Verlinda Joseph Case: Joint Press Release by Office of the Attorney General and Director of Public Prosecution


 The judgment of the Constitutional case in the High Court brought by Eugene St. Romaine against the Government of St. Lucia was delivered yesterday 30th May, 2012 by Justice Francis Belle.


Mr. St. Romaine has been charged with the offence of murder of Ms. Verlinda Joseph in December 2002.  He has been in custody on remand awaiting trial.


In his case against the Government, Mr. St. Romaine asked the Court to bring his criminal trial to a halt because he alleges:


1.  That there was an excessive delay in bringing him to trial.

2.  He was entitled to the same number of expert witnesses as the State.


The Court disagreed with Mr. St. Romaine and denied his request to dismiss the charge. The court ruled that notwithstanding the length of time that has elapsed in bringing the matter to trial the case should not be dismissed.  Rather, the Court ruled that the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) should proceed with the criminal trial against Mr. St. Romaine.  However, Mr. St. Romaine will be allowed on bail while he awaits the outcome of his trial.  He will also be allowed a DNA expert to assist him in his defense.  The Attorney General’s Chambers and the Office of the DPP states categorically that contrary to statements made to and by the media the criminal trial against Mr. St. Romaine has not been dismissed.  Any such suggestions are mischievous and may amount to contempt of court.  


The state has been prepared to proceed with the trial of this matter since early 2010.  From that time substantial delay can be attributed to both Mr. St. Romaine defense and his filing of the constitutional claim against the Government.  Consistent with the ruling of the court and the DPP readiness to proceed, the trial of the case against Mr. St. Romaine will be listed shortly.


The State remains committed to ensuring that justice is done for the death of Ms. Verlinda Joseph

The Director of Public Prosecutions wishes to inform all media houses that it is an offence to:-


1.  Publish any matter which is likely to prejudice the fair trial or conduct of

    Criminal proceedings;


2.  To publish any matter which prejudges issues which are to be tried or are

    being tried before the Court;

3.  To publish any matter which is calculated to bring the Court or a

    Judge into contempt or to lower his or her authority or the lawful process

    of the Court;


4.  To make any false or misleading statement either orally or in writing to or

    concerning a judge or Magistrate in respect of the performance of his

    function which is calculated or is likely to bring him or her into ridicule,

    odium or contempt.


This constitutes the offence of contempt of Court under Section 390 of the Criminal Code 2004 and carries a penalty of two years imprisonment.


Prior to and since the judgment of the High Court in Eugene St. Romaine v The Attorney General, there have been reports on the media relating to the guilt or innocence of Eugene St. Romaine; the facts of the case for which is currently before the Courts; the quality or sufficiency of the evidence; the conduct or performance of the judge who gave the ruling, and the Court process.


These discussions surround matters and issues to be decided at the Trial of Mr. St. Romaine by a judge and jury.  The voicing of opinions in the media on these matters prejudges these issues and are likely to be prejudicial to Mr. Eugene and can affect the outcome of the Trial.


The judgment of Justice Bell has not affected the criminal charge against Mr. Eugene St. Romaine for murder of Verlinda Joseph on 4th December, 2002.


Mr. St. Romaine shall stand trial for the offence on a date to be fixed by the Judge of the Criminal Division.


Therefore, all the laws and rules governing the trial of criminal cases apply to this case.


Consequently, the various discussions, opinions and comments surrounding the facts of the criminal case and the legal issues to be determined by the Court should not be discussed by the Media.


Media houses are therefore advised to desist from discussing issues relating to the facts and the legal issues which will arise at the trial of Mr. Eugene St. Romaine for the murder of Verlinda Joseph.  Members of the public should not be encouraged or facilitated in discussion of these matters.


Media houses will be held liable for any breaches of the Criminal Law as stated.









Solicitor GeneralDirector of Public Prosecutions

Attorney General’s ChambersCrown Prosecution Service

Ministry of Legal Affairs





31st May, 2012

Young Caribbean Feminists in Support of Senator St. Rose Greaves


May 31, 2012- The recently launched CatchAFyah Caribbean Feminist Network has published on open letter in support of Trinidad Senator Verna St. Rose Greaves.

Senator Verna St. Rose Greaves

In their first public statement, the Feminist Network lauded St. Rose Greaves, of the Ministry of Gender, Youth and Child Development for her leadership on many controversial issues. “We are pleased at your public show of support for the sexual and reproductive health and rights of women and the rights of the LGBTQ community. We recognise the tremendous courage it takes to speak publicly on issues that are controversial and that people would rather ignore. In speaking openly, you have demonstrated true leadership and a commitment to the rights of marginalised groups that far outweigh any potential opposition,” the letter said.

This new regional network is the result of a young feminist meeting held in Barbados this month. Over a twenty emerging feminists from across the Caribbean attended this historic meeting convened by Tonya Haynes of Code Red for Gender Justice and Sherlina Nageer of Red Thread, Guyana, with financial support from Development Alternatives with Women for a New Era (DAWN). The event brought together young women activists for a weekend of strategizing around how to further gender equality in their individual nations as well as across the Caribbean region. Haynes said, “We have a generation of young Caribbean people who are committed to social and economic justice. Feminism has emerged as a relevant platform for them to address a range of issues. There is a lot of work still to be done in terms of gender equality and we, the younger generation, have decided to get involved and take on this challenge.”

The gathering began with a lively public forum on ‘Feminists in the economic south & key global processes,’ hosted by the Institute for Gender and Development Studies: Nita Barrow Unit at the University of the West Indies, Cave Hill in partnership with student feminist organization, CODE RED for gender justice. Presenters discussed the successes made in safeguarding women’s sexual and reproductive health and rights that came out of the International Conference on Population and Development held in Cairo in 1994, as well as challenges these rights are currently facing in the international arena. It is crucial, said Professor Gita Sen of DAWN and the Harvard School of Public Health, that protection of sexual and reproductive health and rights be safeguarded at the upcoming UN conference on Sustainable Development, as well as activism be continued around ensuring these rights for young people.

CatchAFyah participants represented Antigua and Barbuda, Barbados, the Bahamas, Belize, Grenada, Guyana, Haiti, Jamaica, St. Lucia, St. Vincent and the Grenadines, St. Kitts-Nevis and

Trinidad and Tobago. They are working on a range of issues including domestic violence, HIV/AIDS education and prevention, sexual and reproductive health and rights, LGBT rights, women’s empowerment, and youth development. The network includes a diverse group of women whose professions range from farmers to engineers, teachers and students.

Going forward, the group agreed on a mission of rebranding feminism within the Caribbean, ensuring increased participation of young women at all levels of decision-making, and actively working at the community, organizational, and policy levels to improve the lives of Caribbean people.

The issue of child sexual abuse has also been placed on the agenda. “We condemn the lack of adequate response to all forms of child abuse and in particular the sexual abuse of Caribbean girls and boys. We lend our collective voices to breaking the silence on this issue and we pledge to work in our communities, nationally and regionally to ensure that Caribbean children’s right to life free of abuse is made reality. This is on-going work to which we commit ourselves, in partnership with progressive political leadership in the region,” the group said in their letter.

Since publishing the letter online many other Caribbean women and men have signed on in support.


Contact: Tonya Haynes

CatchAFyah Caribbean Feminist Network

Website: http://about.me/catchafyah

Email: CatchAFyahNetwork@gmail.com

Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines Returns Year-Round Cruise Calls to St. Lucia


Castries – May 30, 2012 – Port Castries will experience increased year-round cruise calls for the up-coming season 2012/13 thanks to the inclusion 17 additional calls and 36,000 passengers from Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines’ Jewel of the Seas. These newly added calls will increase projected off-season calls for 2012/13 by over 50% with an estimated economic impact of XCD $6 million dollars.

In 2011 Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines announced changes to its Southern Caribbean itineraries resulting in a redeployment of its traditional year-round calls to Saint Lucia, the effects of which are currently being felt by local cruise stakeholders. The decision to return year round visits to Saint Lucia was made after a series of discussions between the Ministry of Tourism, Heritage and Creative Industries, Saint Lucia Air and Sea Ports Authority (SLASPA) and Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines.“In a year of continued economic uncertainty, this is very welcomed news,” said Sean Matthew, General Manager and CEO for SLASPA. “When Royal Caribbean notified us in 2011 of their redeployment plans, we continued our discussions with the line and worked with the Ministry of Tourism, Heritage and Creative Industries to realize their return to Saint Lucia during the off-season.  The fact that Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines will be calling on Port Castries with these additional calls is a reflection of the great relationship that exists between Saint Lucia and the line and of course their confidence in our product.”

The Jewel of the Seas has a gross registered tonnage (GRT) of 90,090, is 965 feet long and 106 feet wide with a draft of 28 feet, classifying it as a Radiance Class Vessel. With the total guest capacity of 2,502, and 859 crew she will be one of two cruise vessels calling during the off season.

OECS to Develop Energy Efficiency Strategies and Action Plans


 (OECS Secretariat, Castries, St Lucia) The OECS Secretariat with grant assistance from the Caribbean Development Bank (CDB) has recently embarked on the implementation of a new energy project for its member countries. The project is entitled, Sustainable Energy Technical Assistance (SETA), and is focused on creating a guiding framework and an enabling environment to support the efficient and sustainable production and use of energy. SETA will also contribute to improving the capability of the member countries of the OECS to utlilise holistic approaches to energy management as they move towards closer economic integration.

The SETA project has been established in response to the high reliance of OECS Member States on fossil fuels to supply their energy needs. With rising oil prices on the international market, governments of the OECS have been forced to pay increases for imports, (particularly for fuel-related products), and this has resulted in consumer price inflation, increased production costs for some companies, and negative impacts on competitiveness.

As part of SETA, the OECS Secretariat has awarded a contract to a consulting firm to commence work in June 2012 to develop an OECS Regional Energy Efficiency Strategy (OECS-REES) and Action Plan, complimented by National Strategies and Action Plans. The developed OECS-REES and National Strategies will incorporate, among other things, all aspects of efficiency improvements of the energy utilization sectors, including elements related to transportation and potable water. The Action Plans will also identify interventions to be implemented for each energy utilisation sector in OECS member countries.

In the development of the Regional Energy Efficiency Strategy, the consultant is expected to examine current approaches being used to develop national renewable energy resources, and will make recommendations for regional approaches to improving energy efficiency across all sectors of OECS Member countries. This may include the possibility for common approaches in such areas as procurement of fossil fuels, regulation of electric utilities, a regime for carbon trading, and the establishment of a cross island interconnecting grid.

The work to be undertaken by this consultancy is expected to be completed over a 13-month period and will include the hosting of two Sub-Regional Workshops to engage stakeholders from OECS member countries in the development process.

Media Contact: Tecla Fontenard – tfontenard@oecs.org (758) 455-6366/6327/6365

Subject Contact: Leonard Deane – ldeane@oecs.org (758) 460-4901