Tourism: A Hand In Hand Partnership


The Saint Lucia Hotel and Tourism Association (SLHTA) hosted their 48th Annual General Meeting (AGM), under the theme, “Tourism – A Hand in Hand Partnership: Now More Than Ever, We Need Each Other” at the Royal by Rex Resort on Friday, May 18, 2012. The closed session commenced at 8:30am sharp to allow an increase number of members to attend the day’s proceedings. Each member was handed a copy of the programme, the 48th Annual Report and the 47th AGM Minutes.

The proceedings were as follows;

Closed Session

o   Call to Order by Ms. Yola St. Jour

o   Prayers by Ms. Cheryl Skeete

o   Opening Remarks by Newly Appointed EVP Mr. Noorani Azeez

o   Approval of Minutes

o   Tabling of Audited Financial Reports by PKF Professional Service

o   President’s Report by Mrs. Karolin Troubetzkoy

o   Discussion and Feedback

Open Session

o   Welcome Remarks by Ms. Yola St. Jour

o   President’s Remarks by Mrs. Karolin Troubetzkoy

o   Keynote Address by the Hon. Lorne Theophilus, Minister for Tourism, Heritage and the Creative Industries

o   Question and Answer Session

o   Induction of three Honourary Members

o   Closing Remarks by Mr. Daniel Belizaire

Key issues were raised by members in both the closed and open session of the AGM, amicable discourse took place where members expressed their views, concerns and posed questions to the President and the Minister. This was conducted after a few Hotel Owners attended the Owners Retreat with the Prime Minister of Saint Lucia, the Hon. Dr. Kenny D. Anthony.

The 48th AGM ended with a plea to the membership to focus on voicing their opinions, suggestions, frustrations and the freedom to request information from the SLHTA.

The strategically formatted 48th Annual Report was of great importance to the members and also to interested members, as it captured the President’s speech, the strategic direction of 2010-2013, the board of director’s profile and the membership directory, activities held by the SLHTA and the Saint Lucia Tourist Board sector review and projections.

For further information about the SLHTA or services provided and for a copy of the 48th Annual Report contact the SLHTA at 452-5978/ 453-1811 or


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