Taj Weekes contributes track to “Occupy This Album”


May 15, 2012, NEW YORK –Today’s release of “Occupy This Album” may evoke memories for those who witnessed the social movements of the 1960s, but the 99-track, star-studded compilation (on sale now for $9.99) tells a story with deeper meaning and broader relevance.  And who better to tell that story than the album’s iconic contributors, including Jackson Browne, Joan Baez, Crosby & Nash, Debbie Harry and Willie Nelson?  Joining them in this effort are St. Lucian musican/poet Taj Weekes and his band Adowa, whose contribution, “Against the Machine,” (lyrics: http://www.facebook.com/tajandadowa) underscores the Occupy movement with age-old reggae rhythm and hard-truth lyrics about mankind’s struggle to be heard in the face of mockery and ambivalence.

Protest and defiance are the cornerstones of Taj Weekes & Adowa’s artistry

Protest and defiance are the cornerstones of Taj Weekes & Adowa’s artistry, and “Occupy This Album” represents music that these self-described “town criers” have delivered to the masses for years. “Participating in this effort was a no-brainer for us,” Weekes said. “I am tempted to say the occupiers finally caught up with us, for we had been chanting this message for some time now…but it’s wonderful, seriously, to find like-minded people sounding the alarm about our current plight. For the first time in my life, ‘occupy’ means something good.”  Weekes and the album’s contributors aim to preserve a legacy of grassroots-level activism, Woody Guthrie style, and resurrect the spirit of social change that has all but died over the past 50 years.
Shirley Menard, one of  the album’s producers and manager for Taj Weekes, said, “The artists who contributed to this effort speak for the nameless, faceless people who seek justice and economic equality for us all.  The occupiers’ chants are not taglines. They speak the truth, which is what Taj Weekes and Adowa strive for in everything they do.”  Brutally honest music arose from the strife and struggle of 1960s America, but today’s album release bears even greater significance because, while the music (an assortment of old anthems and new works) remains true to old-school intent and purposes, the artists amplify the voices of the 99% and stake their claim of support for a worldwide Occupy movement.  The proceeds from the sale of this album, a four disc compilation, go directly to support Occupy Wall Street Movements across the country.
“Occupy This Album” is available on iTunes today!
For more information about Taj Weekes & Adowa, visit www.tajweekes.com
For information about this album, visit www.musicforoccupy.org
Press Contact
Charlene “Charlie” Fern
Charlie Fern Ink
Taj Weekes/Jatta Records Contact
Shirley Menard
*RADIO DJS – “Against the Machine” is only available as an MP3.  Email Jatta Records to request an MP3 download for your radio show.

Protest and defiance are the cornerstones of Taj Weekes & Adowa’s artistry


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