Light up for the Environment


The Saint Lucia National Trust is calling on Saint Lucians to join citizens in every corner of the world this Saturday December 12, for the largest day of climate action ever, to deliver the message: the world wants a real deal at Copenhagen!

Leaders of the world, including our Prime Minister the Honourable Stephenson King, are meeting to negotiate carbon reduction targets to help lower greenhouse gas emissions back down to 350 parts per million in the atmosphere. This is the level that is generally accepted as the upper limit of safety for us and our planet.

In Saint Lucia, we will be gathering at the Derek Walcott Square from 8:00 p.m. to hold a 10-minute candle light vigil, which will be recorded and sent to Copenhagen to let our leaders know that we want a fair, ambitious, and binding Copenhagen Agreement. The vigil will form part of the programme for the Festival of Lights.

Interested persons are urged to contact the National Trust at 452-5005 for more information. All attendees should bring a candle and matches or lighter. Please ensure that you have a container or candle holder to protect your hand from the hot candle wax.


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