Ban More Songs!

Don’t blame me, I voted for rights and responsibilities. So I say ban more songs because there are a few more calypsos and socas out there that need to be taken off the air. But why stop there? While we’re at it, I say ban them in the calypso tents and competitions, on buses, at public events, on the streets and even in the homes of those who play them loud enough for the neighbours to hear.

Why is a political song the first or only one banned? There are many more songs that are dangerous, not just to certain individuals, but to all of us collectively as a society.

Invader’s “Canteen” as an example, encourages disrespect for the entire institution of government. The song does not disagree with particular policies or the actions of certain individuals; rather it uses one of the coarsest derogatory terms to insult almost every government office. Where are all the voices that protested when HTS broadcast young men expressing what they felt about the actions of the police? Would it have been ok if they wrote a calypso instead?

“Janet” too should be taken off the air for promoting offensive language that disrespects women. Considering the increase in the violence against and abuse of women and girls which is rooted in the attitude that all women are worthless, should we be encouraging such chauvinistic language?

The “Popotte” song from last year was one of the worse examples of a song that practically begged to be banned. “Popotte” basically promoted adult males eyeballing, discussing and desiring little girl’s vaginas. But that’s ok; paedophilia is ‘we kolcha’.

It’s also we kolcha to accept any and everything from politicians, letting everything go to rot while we waiting for the next few years to show we vex. But it’s not about who is in there as much as what we let them get away with. We can change the names but all some politicians need is five years to suck enough out of the state to feather their nest. They will even sue their own government if necessary. So of course I understand Radio Saint Lucia’s choice to ‘pwere d’ouvern’.

It’s not the first time this particular political party, by the hand of different individuals of course, has chosen to try to stifle dissent but they shouldn’t even have gone to al that trouble because as usual, Saint Lucians will only talk the talk…


 WHOOSH! It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s Superman! HD no less! Saving the day for carnival lovers everywhere!

Despite his efforts a six o’clock curfew still have us crying, “Somebody save me, go on and break right through and save me, don’t care how you do it, just save me, save me, come on; I’ve been waiting for you.”

Superman, we need you!! Save us!

Save Carnival

Save Carnival

Give our government courage, give our policemen vehicles (they don’t even have ‘PA 11’ to patrol on foot), give our people self-restraint, give us FREEDOM!


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