Michael Jackson – “Gone Too Soon”




I am left almost “Speechless” by your death. A “PYT” that could “Heal the World” but not “The Man in the Mirror”. Were you a “Smooth Criminal’, a victim of your “Human Nature” or “Off the Wall”? Maybe you told yourself it was, “Another Part of Me” and lived life “With a Child’s Heart”


With a Child’s Heart

Many of us would “Say, Say, Say” what we wanted but never asked “Will You Be There” forever? Did we ever ask whether you were really “Bad” or whether something in your “HIStory”, something “In the Closet”, had damaged you and would still make you “Cry”, would make you want to “Scream” to the big bad world of grasping fans to “Leave Me Alone”!

Life is not “Black or white” though and whatever else you were, you were undeniably a “Thriller”. But while you made so many millions sing, “I Wanna Rock With You”, I don’t believe you ever really knew how many genuinely wanted to say to you, “You Are Not Alone”, I am here with you.
You brought three children into this world but it seems you seem to want them to believe, “They Don’t Really care About Us”. Maybe you felt we only wanted “A Little Piece of You” and hid “Behind the Mask”. Although you always kept an “Unbreakable” public façade no one is “Invincible”.
I hope that sometimes, at least “One day in Your Life”, you were truly “Happy” and your soul was as light as the “Butterflies”.
Your time has come to “Ease on Down the Road” and you’ve sung your final “Earth Song” “For All Time”. I will always “Remember the Time” when “You Rock my World”. I“Never Can Say Goodbye” because I will always miss “The Way You Make Me Feel”.


Ease on Down the Road

August 29, 1958 – June 25, 2009



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