Zionomi’s “ghetto” video


Lucian Vibe. ( http ://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6NBf6cxjPZQ ) This is the link to the newest, and first I believe, video from Zionomie, the already well-known reggae artiste. He’s rocking a fresh musical genre, let’s call it reggae-soca. It’s a captivating style, partly because its a refreshing change but also because the roots, the base, is so familiar.

The characters in this video are so Lucian (definitely the MADDD kinda girls that make Gros Islet Friday and the wanna-be Jamaican fellas) Check out our big-time producer Kurtie, looking HOT! Is that a spliff in his hand? Amazing how a video can look sooooo GHETTO, without crossing the line into being nasty.

Something about the video, the authenticity, the rawness, is still compelling and makes it worth watching.

LUCIANS! Big Up! Looking forward to lots more.


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