NG Soca Stage Explodes for Carnival 2K9


New Generation (NG) Soca Stage was launched in impressive fashion last night, June 13, 2009. The heavy hitters were all there, soca artistes, managers (Jackie’s work is never done), carnival band leaders, sponsors reps (WLBL your Piton and Heineken guys need a rest), CDF officials, the rights infringement guys (was that a copy or an ECHO?)  and of course the media and PR people (Agnes Francis  Co. holding it down).  

However with a very nice turnout at Samaans Park, the night naturally belonged to the fans. For a tent and an event that a few years ago were considered an impossibility, NG Soca Stage did its founders proud last night.  Both the new and old generations as well as everyone in between were represented at the first real soca explosion of Carnival 2KWine. With a banging sound system, flying confetti, flashing stage lights display, and yes smoke (Ricky T – las parfemè mwen!), NG took their game north.

The performances too spanned the range of soca. Nicole D, Kakal and SirLancelot among others, went back to the past to remind the crowd of their creds.

Being a Lucian I have to take Alpha’s word that his new band rocked the start of the show, heating up the crowd for MC Pringles and the horde of artistes that followed. The “Superman” MC was almost too much, as he had the crowd eating out of his hand, practically overshadowing every artiste.  

But the powerhouse that is Ricky T, dreadhead Ila man, flashy Platinum George and the sweet voiced TJ, showed they know how to run a crowd.

Despite slamming tunes, some artistes were really hard pressed to hold the crowd, as much of the audience seeming to already have their favourites. Q-Pid was even outdone by her guest artiste Grenadian “Baby Killa” and an impromptu performance from a winer man that (heee…) ended in a crash of lights.

The June 14, early morning end to the show was quite peaceful though. While the massive security/police presence may have something to do with that, there was really no need as, although it was shouted out throughout the night, not one patron could seriously say, “I want my money back!”


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